My Head in the Clouds

My Head in the Clouds

Clouds…Sorry I have been gone so long. It has been over a month since I last posted here. Many things have been happening and I can’t wait to blog about it. I have spent a lot of time in nature and have found this to be wonderful. I thought I would share this photo of clouds after a rain storm.

A Poem About My Evening


The ducks made a wake with their tail feathers as they glided out past me on top of the serene glass-topped lake

And the branches of the wise old palms were rustling

As the wind carried with it a deep truth, an eternal wisdom about the secrets of life, about joy

Endless time filled memories captured by the scenes of nature

As the sun sets, it is as if the touch of the wind on my face brings a message just for me. 

And with that breeze comes every moment of love I have ever felt

I hear its sound in the leaves of the freshly planted trees lining the walkway

This love is carried on the backs of the white-winged birds that soar effortlessly through the painted sky 

Gratitude absorbs into my being as I feel so full I could burst

Connected, peaceful, serenity

Moments like this have no price tag

As their inherent immeasurable worth expands past the reach of any man-made currency

All they require is being silent, and allowing for the appreciation of what is and what has always been

Walking now peacefully as the night’s air tickles my nose and dances past me to delight the next passerby

Pondering the Mangroves…


Ahhh the Mangroves. I have seen these trees many times in my life. I would mostly admire their intricate root structure, and the way they seem to grow directly out of the water, creating a land mass all of their own. I would notice the way the water birds rested in their branches waiting to see their dinner of fish swim by. I would marvel at the way these trees created a habitat all of their own and seemed to define the intracoastal waterway. I have heard, that to find refuge from a storm, they should seek the protection of the mangrove trees that have learned to adapt and flourish despite howling winds and blinding rains. But, what I had never heard of, until last year was the purely magically way a mangrove tree filters out the salt from the brackish water so that it may drink the water left behind. Unbelievable! I thought when I heard this. The miraculous ability of nature again blew my mind. Nature and these mangrove trees never fail to teach me lessons and remind me that miracles are possible. If you look closely, you might be able to see a few leaves on the trees that are yellow. These are the leaves that are “sacrificed” by filtering the salt water so that the whole tree can flourish. 

As I think about the mangrove tree, I think about sacrifices I have made in my own life. Have they always felt good at the time? Have I always handled them with grace or cheer? No…. But, looking back now instead of thinking of them as sacrifices, I don’t see them as black and white as I did at the time. Perhaps, I clung to things I didn’t need just because I had a hard time letting go, or maybe I had to make a difficult decision. Sacrifice…I ponder the meaning of this, as I am not sure I have a full understanding of its meaning. I know I am not willing to lose an essential part of myself just to make other people like me or approve of my actions. I have perhaps done this at times, and it has not gotten me anywhere good. I have, at times, gotten so lost in something, that I have forgotten to remember what is truly important in my heart. But, I do not think the mangrove is teaching about an unnatural sacrifice that in the end only injures. When you look at how it flourishes, you know it teaches a different lesson. It teaches about design and innovation. It teaches about resiliency and life lessons learned. It teaches how to stay strong when the storm rages on and how to draw nourishment from the saltiest of water. Perhaps, this is sacrifice, allowing oneself to remain dedicated even in the face of adversity and remembering to stay true to oneself and one’s purpose in the hardest of times. Thank you mangrove trees for getting my mind thinking. I already loved spending time on the water you call home, but now you deepen my experience even more as you reflect back to me the power of resiliency. 

mmmm…I love coffee….


This is coffee from the new Nespresso machine. I am in love with it. It makes espresso and coffee!!! waahhhooo!

I gave up coffee for about a month in November. That was when I was “giving up stuff.” I have to admit, I’m having a lot more fun in this new way of approaching food. Nothing is of limits, and I savor every beautiful aroma, color, and taste. Is coffee good for me? Is coffee bad for? Maybe both? Who knows really. All I know right now is I freaking love it. I enjoy it, and I know enjoyment is good for me, so there you go.  I love waking up in the morning to the sweet distinct smell of dark liquid goodness. Sure, I pay attention to how my body feels after drinking coffee, and I try not to overdo it.  I have to say not having it for a month made me want it more. For some people, they say, “I don’t even miss it.” Well, to coffee I say, “hello friend how are you?”

I went to a coffee demo yesterday. I like to get out and experience different things and people. I thought, “a coffee demo, how perfect!” And it was fuuun and also informative. Who knew there was so many different types of ways to make coffee, and so many ins and outs to making a delicious cup. Here are some pictures from my experience. If you’re a coffee lover like me, you might find your mouth watering!


When I stand by the ocean, I feel at home: a reflection on the challenges of communication


I have always felt at home by the ocean. Being there, I know that I am a part of something much larger than myself and much larger than any difficult situation I might be facing. As I watch the waves roll over and over the shore, I think about how it tosses and smooths out rock. I think about how glass becomes sea glass. Once, a sharp dangerous piece of glass that can cut, now a piece of smooth colorful stone. This all happens with repetition and time. The ocean is beautiful and strong. Under the ocean, exists a whole world bigger than the world we live on upon land. I walked for hours today on the shore. The time melted by and I was simply enjoying every passing moment as the sound of the waves became my song. I began to think about avoidance as the ocean’s waves continually lapped the shore line. The waves do not stop. The ocean does not press pause and retreat. This is not the ocean’s way.  Personally, I have gotten better at not avoiding challenging or sad emotions. But, sometimes, interpersonal things feel too hard to talk about with others, or the fear of hurting someone’s feelings surfaces. Sometimes, life can be challenging and people can hurt you. Whether, they mean to or not does not change the emotions you feel inside. Sometimes, you can hurt people, whether you mean to or not does not change the emotions they feel inside. 

However, avoiding the situation all together does not usually make the issue go away. Instead, the emotions or the pain seem to get sharper like the piece of broken glass on the beach. But I think, perhaps if things were discussed and smoothed over, they would become less sharp like the sea glass. So often it is about the fear of the unknown of what lies on the other side of discussing or admitting our feelings to each other. What will happen then? Will we be able to withstand the pain, vulnerability, or other emotions that might surface? I do believe we can. I now know that regardless of how much the emotional pain or discomfort feels like it will physically split you into two pieces, it won’t. I now know that you, me, and everyone is infinitely stronger and more resilient than we usually give ourself credit for. However, it is still challenging at times to have difficult conversations with loved ones, but often necessary. I often think that, if it becomes natural and normal to discuss our feelings with each other, perhaps it just becomes part of the whole process of living and experiencing life together. Just as, each wave is the ocean and the ocean each wave. Challenges just are.

This is the power of the ocean, with its rhythmic repetition. Would I say the ocean is perfect? No, but what is perfection really? And does the ocean even want to be perfect? It probably just wants to be, because it knows it is so much more than perfect. 

The ocean is beautiful, calming, refreshing, and soothing. But also, like life, the ocean can be scary, dangerous, unknown, and unpredictable. Knowing that the ocean can be all these things, but still magnificent, makes me realize that life is not meant to be black and white, perfect, or always predictable.  The ocean is exactly how it is, and how it will be. The ocean just is. It is constant, but forever changing. It is wise, but humble.

I have to say, however, that for me today, everything about being by the ocean was perfect. I went without expectations. I allowed the ocean to tell me it’s story and sing me it’s song, and I got an unexpected outcome. I got peace.  

I should not be surprised by this, since I always feel this as I stand with my feet in the sand and stare out at the endless horizon. But, I think I forget just how beautiful it is. I guess with some experiences that are as inspiring as the ocean, each time, is like facing a new part of myself. Each time is different. Each time, I fail to find words to describe what I have experienced.