A Mermaid Named (E.D.)

Bio: I am a (late) twenty something female recovering from Binge Eating Disorder. However, I believe I am more recovering from a life of food restriction and subsequent bingeing episodes. I have come to realize that I may have only had small windows of time in my life where I had a normal relationship to food. My overall goal is to normalize my eating and to eat intuitively by listening to my body's signals. I am passionate about promoting positive body image and the exploration of the self. This blog is an outlet while on my journey and a way to process my thoughts. I am passionate about holistic health and use techniques such as meditation, breathing and mindfulness to cultivate a deeper relationship to myself. I am believe the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and work together like a beautifully conducted symphony. I sometimes make up words and or use punctuations where I feel they best fit. I am also sometimes sarcastic in my tone. The title of the blog reflects my deep love for the ocean and the unbridled freedom I imagine a mermaid must have when in the water. I often dream of swimming to the great depths below the sea. I see my Eating Disorder as a way that my true self has found to be seen. We are all living a human experience. I see human nature's desire to survive and be made manifest. I see this journey I am on as an exploration of what that may mean for my life. I also make many connections between what I am experiencing and the messages society tells us we must believe. My hope is for each individual to find their own self and their own inner mermaid.

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