A Poem About My Evening


The ducks made a wake with their tail feathers as they glided out past me on top of the serene glass-topped lake

And the branches of the wise old palms were rustling

As the wind carried with it a deep truth, an eternal wisdom about the secrets of life, about joy

Endless time filled memories captured by the scenes of nature

As the sun sets, it is as if the touch of the wind on my face brings a message just for me. 

And with that breeze comes every moment of love I have ever felt

I hear its sound in the leaves of the freshly planted trees lining the walkway

This love is carried on the backs of the white-winged birds that soar effortlessly through the painted sky 

Gratitude absorbs into my being as I feel so full I could burst

Connected, peaceful, serenity

Moments like this have no price tag

As their inherent immeasurable worth expands past the reach of any man-made currency

All they require is being silent, and allowing for the appreciation of what is and what has always been

Walking now peacefully as the night’s air tickles my nose and dances past me to delight the next passerby

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