Restlessness Tamed

It stirs within me.

The restless need for something. 

The desire for the chains to be broken and my spirit to be free. 

I scan through my mental data bank

Hoping to retrieve a glimmer of an answer.

I come up with many, of course I do, but then I fear my hope is one big prank. 

I have so many ideas.

They flow like the widest fastest river.

But, to make them happen, I dream of building a dozen gallerias. 

I would fill the walls with art,

and the spaces with words, people and places.

Maybe, I am just looking for somewhere to sing all the songs of my heart.

To build me a stage, and on it the music floats in the air.

to fill their ears with the sounds of the strings of a spanish guitar. 

And the sounds naturally become my prayer.

Breathe now as deep as I can,

and with each rise and fall

living in the present moment, becomes my new plan. 


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