Why changing judgement towards food feels harder than controlling binges.

I realized something today…that it has been easier for me to decrease binge eating than it has to decrease food judgement. I guess this sounds like an obvious statement and something I was probably aware of, but today I caught myself having some internal dialogue about my lunch that sounded like food judgement. I ate my food and I felt a little upset about some parts of it. I guess since this mindset has been with me for over 15 years it will not change over night and I must be gentle on myself and patient. The binge eating is an action that comes as a result of food judgement and many other factors. However, food judgement and restricting is certainly a huge factor. Therefore, changing this is the real challenge and is something I work at every day. I am very proud of myself, however, for stopping and noticing I was judging and then breathing love into my meal. Wow! Now, this is improvement! An action can be much easier to change then a thought. Why? because thoughts can be much more automatic and ingrained into us than an action. Sure, some actions become habitual, but to change a way of looking at a situation may take a little more time. I thought I would write this quick post since it seemed to be the theme for me today and something that really stood out. I am not discouraged by this, I accept that it is just a part of the process. Progress not perfection.

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