A Poem about a Tree: Me

I am me in so many ways.

No one but me to stand and face my challenging days.

But sometimes, I feel like someone new.

A slightly different person or one that merely grew.

At times, I knew how I got here.

With mental muscle and a breathe the path became clear.

I was to stand and face my personal fears.

To stop avoiding and allow for tears.

But, it doesn’t happen overnight.

And  sometimes it feels like a really tough fight.

Sometimes, I feel tired and sore.

But then I remember all those times at the shore.

When I wiggled my feet in the sand,

and I knew which side of this struggle I would land.

Change is a process, that much I know.

Even if I grow impatient, I will maintain my steadfast joyish glow.

For I have seen what happens when a seed becomes a tree,

and grows so much taller than me.

Its roots firmly planted deep in the earthen ground.

It doesn’t fail to bend with grace as the wind makes a boisterous sound.

I am that tree in so many ways.

I return to my roots and I soak in the sun’s rays.

This is how I know my journey is true.

For each and every day I am thankful for the morning dew.

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