Images that inspire me…and relax me…and give me clarity.


Memories of looking at cherry blossoms in spring are some of my favorites. They really only involve me and a cherry blossom tree taking in all the splendor they have to offer. For me, cherry blossoms signify the beginning of a new season and new beginnings. I used to have a cherry blossom tree outside of my window. I would wake up in the morning with the spring breeze blowing in my window and look out at the cherry blossom tree as it welcomed me to a new day.  I lived in a brick building built in the 1940’s. I loved the contrast between the brick, the pink and white petals and the blue sky. Now, whenever I see them I am reminded of that tree that brought me so much joy and I feel extremely grateful.


Sometimes in my mind I go to the beach. I lay down on a white beach blanket and I squish my toes deep into the sand. I smell the fresh salted air and feel its presence upon my skin. Then I stand and stretch and let the wind guide me as I walk along the shore line. I see boats on the horizon and I wonder where they have been and where they may be going. I see a dog nearby playing with his owner in joyful contentment. I stand at the ever-changing border between the sand and the water and I breathe deep and find myself centered in that moment.



I took this photo in Vermont in the mountains. It was only my second time in these mountains and I could not believe what I was seeing. Being at the top of a mountain and looking out provides perspective. I feel as if I taken a million steps above my situation and now I can objectively view them from up above. All of the small details that do not matter fall away and I am left with the essence or the heart of it. The air is so crisp and clear up here. I can see dark clouds in the distance but they do not scare me. Instead, I stand and I watch them with wonderment.


I know I have these images of nature with me whenever I need them. I simply think of them and they are there. How wonderful to have such constant companions. 

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