Disclaimer: This post is not a promotion for hunting as a form of weight loss or cardio or to make any judgement on gatherers.

I drew this comic above as I was thinking about  hunter/gatherer societies. I started to ponder, “what would they think of our current society’s relationship to food, our bodies, and exercise?”  I can only speculate as I am not currently living within a hunter/gatherer society. However, I do think about living in a time before scales and dress sizes. A time before fashion magazines and television ads. A time when we were in tune with nature and when our bodies were an extension of our naturally manifested choices. Perhaps it was not as simple as this, but a girl can dream. During this time(a scenario I have played out in my head), food was eaten to survive, and enjoyed. It was not feared because it might, “make my animal skin dress too tight,” as the comic depicts.  People knew when to rest, and probably did not go to the gym to sculpt a particular body part just right. Instead, exercise was a normal part of life and an expression of the will to survive. With modern science comes amazing facts and knowledge. However, with this quest to “know all of the facts,” there is also the risk of losing our ability to listen to our intuition. But I dream about living in a time when we did not know what a calorie was or dissect our food into carb/protein ratios. I dream of a time when we ate because we were hungry and our bodies told us which foods make us feel good or not. I dream of intuitive eating and a chance to move my body in a dance that screams, “I am alive.”

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